"Health is the factor that gives a sense of,
that what we are in the best period of our lives."
- Franklin Pierce Adams


My therapeutic massage are performed at a high level. I have a large substantive knowledge in the field of therapeutic massage, chiropractic, kinesis, supported education, work and experience I have gained while employed in hospitals - clinics of state wards: neurology, rheumatology and rehabilitation. In my 30 years of professional practice as a chiropractor specializing in manual therapy brought out the burdensome pain hundreds of customers. In the opinion of hundreds of customers, I am the best in Poland in medical massage.

Complete, specialized and professional treatments are individually tailored to the needs of my clients. Treatments last from 1.5 to 3 hours and are conducted at the highest level. I treat my customers subjectively and this is my priority. My institution has existed for 29 years. Feel free to use the professional massage of areas: therapeutic massage, chiropractic and kinesis. As for payment, you hereby set it out after the diagnosis of the disease on a visit.

Welcome after telephone or personal appointment.


If you are tired of enduring pain, you have enough painkillers or already unsuccessfully tried other treatments, chiropractic could be the solution for you..

I help in:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • pain and dizziness
  • root pain
  • degenerative changes in the spine and joints of the extremities
  • intervertebral discs and lumbar intervertebral discs neck
  • slipped disc
  • muscle contracture
  • postural problems

On the first visit should report the x-ray, MRI or CT scan study conducted. Although extremely unlikely I can find the disease, based only on symptoms and physical studies, professional research is always very helpful in assessing the situation of the patient.

Treatment of acute conditions associated with severe pain, such as popularly called disc prolapse (or herniation of the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc) may start at the first visit.

In chronic cases, the need to perform complete diagnostics, treatments are usually postponed for a second visit. Then discuss with the patient the results of studies and the possibility of manual therapy and also qualify him for treatment.

During surgery the patient usually sits or lies on a special table. Before manipulations I use massage as well as other techniques for relaxing the muscles and ligaments.

If you have problems with the neck, in the first place I locating dysfunctional pond and stretching the muscles doing fine manipulation. At this point, you may reverberate crash (caused by the release of air bubble contained in the synovial fluid) is completely normal symptom and shouldn't worry.

When performing operations on the thoracic spine patient lies on his stomach, breathing deeply. I put my hands to the patient's spine and as you exhale, and I'm doing fine manipulation.

If treatment requires the lumbar spine, the patient is placed on his stomach or side. In this case, I use an energetic pressure on the intervertebral around the affected pond. This treatment may be repeated at various levels and on both sides of the spine.

In complex cases, the disorder include more than one section of the spine, the individual levels can be treated during a single treatment session. After surgery, the patient will be examined in terms of the movements of the spine to evaluate the result of the surgery. But most often need a few sessions to patients fared better.

Therapeutic treatment including checking the health status takes about 30 - 60 minutes. Time and number of treatments depend on the condition of the patient, but usually to restore full efficiency or total relief from pain need about 5 treatments. Then a precautionary measure should appear on inspection visits about once every two months.


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Visit reservation:60 PLN (prepayment to a bank account: 46 1140 2004 0000 3102 6806 4127)

Price of consultation (without treatment):120 PLN

Prices of individual treatments are determined individually during the first visit. It depends on the patient health and the type of complaints.

Price examples:

  • therapeutic massage: 150 PLN for each section of the spine
  • therapeutic massage of the back: 150 PLN
  • therapeutic massage of the upper limbs: 50 PLN
  • therapeutic massage of the lower limbs: 70 PLN
  • therapeutic massage of the chest: 90 PLN
  • therapeutic massage the abdomen: 80 PLN
  • therapeutic massage the buttocks: 40 PLN
  • "adjusting the cervical spine": 250 PLN
  • "adjusting thoracic vertebrae": 200 PLN
  • "adjusting lumbar vertebrae": 300 PLN
  • "adjusting cross-coccyx vertebrae (per-rectum)": 300 PLN
  • targeted manipulation ("adjusting discs"): 350 PLN
  • electroacupuncture: 30 PLN
  • lift type Perschla: 30 PLN
  • whirlpool: 60 PLN
  • placing suctions (fire or not fire): 25 PLN
  • exercises on the rehabilitation equipment (rowing machine, rotor): 40 PLN/h
  • exercises in the ugul: 60 PLN / 30 min
  • treatment of the magnetic field: 80 PLN

The price list does not constitute a commercial offer according to art. 66 pairs 1 of the Civil Code and is published only for information purposes.


Senior technician therapeutic massage - Chiropractor

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31-905 Cracow, Poland
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phone.: +48 12 425 81 43
mobile: +48 502 942 944

Bank account - mBank S.A.:
46 1140 2004 0000 3102 6806 4127